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healthy coupleThe practice of natural medicine also known as Naturopathy involves the use of natural therapies and medicines to support health and treat disease.  

It integrates traditional western medical systems with modern orthodox medical diagnostic techniques to address and correct underlying cellular and metabolic dysfunctions that commonly occur in many chronic disease processes.

Naturopathic medicine is guided by the following principles:


First do no harm

Naturopaths prefer the use of non invasive investigations and safe treatment options to diagnose and manage pathological and biochemical disturbances within the body, with the intention of minimising the risk of potentially adverse side effects to the patient.


The healing power of nature

Naturopaths understand that the body naturally has an innate ability to maintain and restore health. They work with these inherent healing mechanisms using safe methods, medicines and techniques that are in harmony with natural processes to gently improve, support and strengthen the body’s intrinsic self healing capabilities.


Find the cause

Every illness has one or more causal factors which are usually the result of the complex interaction between poor or inadequate nutrition, unhealthy lifestyle habits, exposure to environmental toxins, chemicals and or opportunistic pathogens as well as inherited genetic predisposition or susceptibility. Rather than merely eliminate or suppress symptoms, naturopaths are trained to identify and treat the underlying cause(s) of disease with appropriate natural substances.


Practitioner as teacher

Naturopaths recognise and encourage the use of the therapeutic potential between the practitioner and the client and support them in making the necessary changes to better their health and be in charge of their own healing through self awareness, self education and self responsibility.

Treating the whole person

Consideration to each person’s unique individuality and susceptibility to disease is critical for proper evaluation and effective treatment, thus equal attention is given to a person’s mental, emotional and physical state, as well as their social circumstances, habits, lifestyle, diet, environment and genetic predisposition.
Health promotion is the best prevention

By encouraging healthy lifestyle habits and modifying detrimental patterns, naturopaths aim to prevent or reduce the incidence of minor illnesses from developing into more serious chronic degenerative diseases and provide clients with the maximum opportunity to live a healthier life.